Hello! Welcome to my homepage! This is me, Cathy. I am the founder of The Bloomerie.

Growing up with my mum and my grandmother being passionate gardeners and florists, working with and being around flowers came natural. Being creative, love for design and colours has always been a big part of me and guided me back to my roots.

After being a Montessori Teacher for 10 years and moving to New Zealand I have used the time to retrain as a florist and then fulfilled a longtime dream to have my own flower shop. 

We are a young business, growing steadily and are in the middle of extending our team which is very exciting.


What is the best part of my day?

When I deliver flowers and I see that surprised and happy face of the recipient. It makes my heart jump!


What is important to me?

The best product and the best customer service. It's so important to me when I am a customer and I want to deliver only the best for my customers too. I am working on making things better every day, there is always something that can be improved. 

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Cathy xxx

Pink and Maroon Beauty Logo1_.png
Pink and Maroon Beauty Logo1_.png

"I am passionate about flowers! My favorite days of the week are when the fresh flowers arrive and I can get them ready for our lovely customers. My goal is to bring smiles and joy with fresh flowers. We offer only great products and are committed to delivering high-quality service. Our floral arrangements are designed with love and attention to detail!" - Cathy