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In February 2022 we moved into our bigger space up in the heart of Oneroa village. We always have a variety of fresh flowers available as well as plants, vases and a great selection of dried flowers. Next time you are in Oneroa, come in for a browse, we always have new products and stock a range of gifts, cashmere jumpers and cardis, scarfs, jewelry and sunnies. 

Our Values

At THE BLOOMERIE, our brand values are deeply rooted in the essence of love, authenticity, and the celebration of life's seasons. Much like the founder, Catherin Upton, who embodies the spirit of a passionate gardener, we believe in making you and your loved ones feel cherished through the language of blooms.

Our commitment to sourcing flowers from local growers ensures a connection to the heart of our community, and our preference for seasonal blooms reflects the beauty of embracing the present moment.

Founded by Catherin, a former Montessori Kindergarten teacher, our brand draws inspiration from her creative journey, where flowers became a canvas for expressing style and the inherent beauty in every detail.

We invite you to experience the warmth of our values, mirroring Catherin's love for beach days with family and her canine companion, Lottie. With THE BLOOMERIE, each bloom carries a story, a touch of authenticity, and a celebration of the beauty that surrounds us.

Visit us at our store

114 Ocean View Road, 

Oneroa Village, Waiheke Island

New Zealand 1081

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday,
9am - 4pm 

Sunday 10am - 4pm

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